July 20th, 2003


Firefly and writing progress

Spent the day with dire_epiphany, her hubby, and son, watching all the Firefly episodes that Fox aired in their proper order. dire_epiphany made food! Lasagna and fruit salad and salad. Yummy! And they brought ice tea and even plates and silverware! All we had to do was dig in. Wonderful food, excellent company, and great entertainment. What better way to spend a day?

And I really want to slap around the Fox execs. Not only for canceling the show, but for putting the ones they did deign to show out of order. Ffft. But there's serious talk of a Firefly movie to wrap up all the loose ends. Crossed fingers and hoping that'll come together.

On top of that, I managed to crank out 1K on a new horror piece. Got this one outlined out, so I know where I want to take it. My main problem is the huge squick factor it's got. It's so squicky I feel like I have to distance myself in order to write it. But I want to tell this story. It's inspired by real life events that are so awful that I want to write about them in order to get out the anger and horror I felt when I heard about it.

In a nutshell: we got a letter from the HSUS asking for more money, as we often do, but this one documented the truly chilling story of a pet dog in Texas that had been kidnapped from his own yard and then had his eyes gouged out. The dog was dumped and managed to find his way back home where his family discovered him, blinded and barely alive, on their porch. They rushed him to a vet and it looks like he'll live. But they still haven't found the person who did it.

The only good that came out of this was that because of what happened, with the help of the HSUS, the family lobbied to make such acts of extreme animal cruelty and abuse a felony in Texas. It hadn't been before.
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Just Weird Enough - Dead

Another pro-market bites it. And this one was a children's lit market. Saw on Ralan.com that Just Weird Enough lost its funding before its first issue even got printed. Guess I can cross that one off my submit-to list.

Damn. There aren't enough children's lit markets out there. Now with both Just Weird Enough folding and Spellbound going on hiatus, the market possibilities have shrunk even more. Damn.
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