June 20th, 2003


Skunk adventures

Took Hobkin to the vet today for his annual shots and check-up. Debbie, Hobkin's godmother, was there to assist and had her new baby skunk with her. Debbie's baby--a mahogany with faint chip markings--was absolutely adorable. I'd forgotten how tiny baby skunklings are!

Hobkin grumbled and growled throughout the visit, and huffed at the new baby. He also clung to me like a fuzzy magnet. Poor little guy. Vets are pretty scary after all. But he took the needle like a trooper. 'Course it didn't hurt that I was bribing him with slices of bell pepper while he was getting stuck.

The vet scale says he weighs 7.5 lbs. Someone brought a full grown Maltese in while we were waiting who weighed 5 lbs. Hobkin weighs more than some dogs! Heh.

Picked up some C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Rinse. Both Debbie and the vet thought Hobkin's teeth looked okay, but agreed that prevention was much better than fixing a problem later. As we have found, brushing Hobkin's teeth is like trying to polish the blades of a kitchen disposal with a Q-tip--scary and awkward as all hell. We wanted an alternative to try. The rinse is sort of sprayed along the gum line and fights plaque and bacteria. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a yummy taste. It's supposedly not vile either, but it's not delicious candy, which means Hobkin will undoubtedly dislike it. Sigh. Wish we could explain to the little fuzzwit that dental care is a good thing.

Then we took him to the fireplace store to buy some wood stove pellets to replace the recycled newspaper litter we've been using. A 28 lb bag of wood pellets: $4. A 30 lb bag of Yesterday's News approx.: $20. Pretty impressive savings!

The fireplace store people thought he was cute, although at first the lady behind the counter thought he was a dog.

Now he's totally exhausted and napping under his hutch. It's been a big day for the little guy. I'm totally exhausted too and thinking about having a nap. That hutch is looking pretty inviting.
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Foraging in our backyard

Neat! Our backyard over by the (defunct) koi pond is being overgrown by wild blackberry bushes! Don't know where they came from, but I'm utterly delighted to have them. Tonight, Matthew and I went out and picked some of the early ripe berries--about a double handful--sprinkled sugar over them, and had them for dessert. Yummy!

It is so very cool that we've got wild berry plants in our backyard! Although they've got some pretty impressive thornage going on. Got snagged a couple times hunting for ripe berries. But it was definitely worth it.

Matthew might go out with some twine next week and tie some of the plants up so we can harvest the fruit better.

My god. We're gardening. Who woulda thunk it?
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