March 22nd, 2003



Ooo. There's cover art for the Blasphemy anthology up at the website!

Isn't it sexy?

Paul Fry, one of the editors, sent me a request for my bio for the book, so it looks like things are moving right along with them. But I'm never happy with my bios. Should I make it funny? Or serious? Do people read them anyway? Glargh.

They still haven't sent me the contract. I do wish editors would send contracts out more promptly. It never quite feels real unless there are signatures involved.
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Ostara - The Festival of the Trees

Apparently I'm in a big LJ updatey mood. Today is Ostara, the Festival of the Trees. Happy Ostara everyone!

Matthew and I left beer bread and bourbon balls out under the topiary tree for the visiting faerie folk. Look what they left us!

It's a Dianne Shapiro soft sculpture tuffet/ottoman. I saw one like it at a Caribou Coffee and just fell in love with it. I've got a passion for whimsical things. Dianne Shapiro has this line of humane trophies including plush bear rugs, animal heads and "other ends," and of course, tuffets! Absolutely adorable. Stuffed animal furniture. Gotta love it.

Matthew also got me Wolf Wing a new Tanith Lee book. And I got him the complete Series One Wodehouse Playhouse on DVD.

We went out for breakfast and it's amazing outside. The trees are sprouting these gorgeous colored blooms. Even the ground covering is coming out in lavenders and yellows. I love spring in Georgia.
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My GOD this has been an excellent day! I just SOLD my kitsune folktale "When Shakko Did Not Lie" to CRICKET!

God, I wanted to break into them so badly! I can't believe it!

And what they're paying me for this story will pay for the second half of our new television.


I'm gonna go screaming through the house now.
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