February 9th, 2003


Sunday, sans party

The Fantasm meeting went well. Lots got talked about, things got accomplished. I liked seeing people and getting a chance to touch base.

Then we went home to feed Hobkin and us. The meeting was at four (although Matthew mis-read the email and we were an hour early--which I guess makes up for the last one when we were half an hour late) and the party was at ten. I hadn't realized it was going to start so late, although looking back, I realize that's pretty par for these sorts of shindigs. So we kicked back at home for a while, and by the time it came for us to get ready, I was feeling pretty antisocial again. Final outcome: we stayed home and watched Attack of the Clones (thanks dude_the!) on the big screen TV upstairs, and I fell asleep.


I did wake up at around 2AM and rattled off a quick short piece to a new market, so there's some virtue in not being sozzled and silly last night. And Hobkin hugged me all night, so there's another. But I feel like Weird Recluse Woman.

Maybe we'll go out to see a movie today. I think I need to get out.
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Fan mail!

I got my very first official fan mail today! Bounce!

Dear Eugie,
I missed the announcement of your story's publication, but recognized your name in the current issue of The Leading Edge, and read your story first. With much pleasure. Keep them coming, and help maintain print SF/F.

The sender is someone from Critters who critiqued my last submission, but not one of my regulars. Someone who isn't a close friend or family member read something I had published!
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