August 28th, 2002


T minus one day

Cassy, the director of on-site publications, called last night. There's already a page of schedule changes, such that she's doing a pre-convention print issue of the Daily Dragon. Gah.

Got five more crits of "Two Minds" from Critters and one more for "Only Springtime". Hurray! But shit, I barely have time to skim them, much less dwell on them. But, hurray! I usually judge twenty to be the magic number in order to give me a large enough sampling to do reasonably accurate statistical analysis on. For a while there, I worried that I wouldn't hit twenty for "Two Minds" but it's looking likely that I will now since we're only now hitting the 3rd week mark of the tri-week.

Novel outline is, surprisingly, in good shape. Stressed? Again, surprisingly, not. And I actually think I might write the bugger. 1500 words into it even. Completed the prologue and taken a big bite out of chapter one. Neat.

I grok the virtue of writing an outline for bigger projects. Breaking it down into bite-size chunks makes the whole enterprise much less terrifying. mouseferatu is wise indeed.

Made sixteen copies of my story "Running On Two Legs" for the workshop. That's a heap big pile of paper there. And the Xerox machine crapped out on me a couple times. Stupid piece of hardware. Don't like hardware. It's mean to me.

The dragon waketh!
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