August 26th, 2002


Dragon*Con prep, outlines, and Critters

Getting ready for Dragon*Con. What to wear; what to wear? Something that goes with my new chainmail wings that I got at fantasm, I think.

Matthew posted the schedule grid on the Daily Dragon web site. I stuck a hit counter on the page, something I've been meaning to do since, err, last year. And Matthew's getting templates set up so that we'll be able to handle articles and schedule updates as efficiently as possible. Man, I hope they have fewer schedule changes this year. Last year we got nailed really hard. There was hardly any room for articles in the paper copies for all the schedule updates, and we spent way too much time writing up and publishing those. I much prefer doing articles and reporting on panels.

We'll be on-site on Thursday, helping to set up in the media room (Hyatt rm 219). Very short week for me this week. Huzzah!

Matthew and I went over the posted schedule trying to figure out what we want to go to and report on. This year there didn't seem as many "must do"s as there were last year, but then again, it seems that there're fewer big names guests too. 'Course the lineup they had last year was pretty amazing: Harlan Ellison, Anthony Daniels, and Laurell K. Hamilton--not to mention just about the whole B5 crew. This year does have the B5 folks again. And Ann Crispin. She's going to be in a slew of panels but I'm going to be spending six hours workshopping with her so I'm not sure how many of her panels I'll hit.

Speaking of which, I've starting work on outlining a novel for her workshop. Gleep. Did I mention that I don't outline well? And that I haven't managed a novel-length work to completion yet? Gleep. I don't even know how many chapters I ought to have! Much stress.

On the Critters front, halfway through the tri-week and 11 crits for "Two Minds" and 21 for "Springtime." I think "Two Minds" is the stronger story. I would rather have gotten more feedback on that one, but I'm competing against myself and "Springtime" is several thousand words less than "Two Minds." Grump. Several people have done both of them, though. I should buy those folks a soda or something. Unfortunately, sending food via the USPS seems like a bad idea. Maybe a virtual donut?

It's hard waiting three weeks for a story to finish its review. I've already made revisions to "Two Minds" from the feedback I've received and am itching to send it out. But I'm holding off until all of the critiques come in . . . in another week and a half. I hate getting a crit that points out a typo or comes up with a superior phrasing after I've mailed something off.

I can't believe how fast August is winging by.
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I saw it, thought it was cute, but told myself I wasn't going to do it. So much for intentions:

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