August 23rd, 2002


DVD player and jalapeno skunk

Matthew was quite pleased with his prezzie. I got him a DVD player for the living room. Our home theater DVD player is wired so that it can send to the downstairs TV, but someone had to scamper upstairs to load the disc and hit play, and now we don't. Now we just have to scamper upstairs to get a disc. Err. Hmm. I foresee a lot of DVDs trailing between the living room and the home theater.

Hobkin is fond of raw jalapeno peppers. They're inexpensive and rich in vitamin C so he gets a lot of them. But every time I cut them up, I can't touch my face or it just burns for hours afterwards, no matter how many times I wash my hands. Sheesh, what does it take to get the stuff off?

Anyway, Hobkin had jalapenos at dinner. Ever since I've been gone, he's been extra cuddlesome, and since he's letting me, I've been spending a lot of time with him nuzzled up against my neck and kissing his face. (Yes, I'm a girlie-girl and do cutsie things with Hobkin--so sue me.) Well, jalapeno really lingers. Every time he nuzzled my lips or my face I'd get a zing burn and he'd also nibble my fingers and again, more zing.

Gawd how can he eat that stuff? He seems to like it and the burn doesn't apparently bother him (although he does spend extra time "killing" jalapenos--maybe they sting his paws and he thinks they're still alive?). But youch. I managed to get a touch of jalapeno from my fingers to my eye when I was putting my contact lenses in this morning. This despite washing my hands several times. Ack. And ouch.
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