August 12th, 2002


Mail anxiety

I've heard from several sources now about a recent decrease in efficiency and reliability in the USPS. It would seem that a lot of the older, experienced, reliable postal carriers are retiring about now, and they're being replaced by younger, less experienced and less conscientious people, or not being replaced at all so that the remaining carriers are even more overworked and bitter than they were before.

On a first hand basis: last weekend, the Saturday mail carrier got everyone's mail in our cul-de-sac off by one box. The neighbor to our right got our mail, we got the neighbor's to our left, etc. Our neighbors are cool and we all just traded our mail back to each other, so no harm done in the end, but it diminished my already flagging confidence in the USPS.

As a writer, I live and die by the coming of the mail. This trend blows billy goats.

On the writing front:

Nothing from this weekend and I don't expect to be able to crank much out until . . . shit. Until next month! Between houseguests, my training trip, and Dragon*Con, I don't see how I'm going to have the time to work on anything. Dang.

But I did manage to do enough crits on Critters for another MPC this week. That's sort of like writing. Kinda.
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