August 6th, 2002


Tuesday better than Monday

Yesterday was a blah day. I accomplished nothing and felt grumpy while doing (or rather not doing) it. But fortunately I groked the error of my ways before I'd spiraled too deeply into my pit of grumpitude. The problem was, I've been trying to pull back on the caffeine throttle and apparently when I do that I lose any motivation to function productively.

One steaming cup of java later and I've:

- Assembled submission packets for and mailed off two stories into the market place.
- Cranked out 3000 words on the zero draft of the high fantasy piece I've been working on. It's now at 7500 words. And draft zero is complete! Huzzah! It will need tweaking and editing, and first readering before it makes it to draft one status, but I suspect I'll get it up to the Critters queue in a few days. I'll probably MPC it for the week of the 21st.
- Discovered that my training class will be a 3-day rather than a 5-day class. Huzzah! Have since ragged corporate travel to change my itinerary accordingly.

Not too shabby for one little cup of coffee. And my headache's gone too.
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