August 2nd, 2002


People suck

Got forwarded an e-mail from a fellow animal rights activist. I can't believe that people's actions can still surprise and appall me. And yet.

This is excerpted from an email from Mary K. Van Dahm of the Ferret Advice and Information Resource Society/Sanctuary. Some bastard just left a store full of animals to die of thirst and starvation:

"Recently we also helped rescue a bunch of animals from a pet store that had closed down. The owner just locked the door and walked away – leaving the animals behind to starve to death. Someone finally called the police, who broke in and found the animals. All of the puppies and kittens were already dead. So were the birds and most of the larger animals. Three ferrets, two rabbits and an assortment of small rodents survived. Thankfully the ferrets were able to be placed right away. The rabbits unfortunately were too sick and had to be put down. The rest of the rodents came to my house until we could find homes for them. While we have found homes for many of the males, most of the females were pregnant, which compounded the situation. We are still looking for homes for 3 guinea pigs, 6 golden hamsters, 4 dwarf hamsters, and 18 gerbils. A few other rodents will be put in our foster home system due to injuries they sustained while fighting for food or territory during their ordeal at the pet shop. Since we were not set up to take in so many rodents, we had to buy tanks and cages for them, food dishes, water bottles and food. Some of them needed veterinary care so we had to pay for that, too. At any rate, our association is financially in dire straits right now and we still have animals that need continued medical attention. Any donation that you would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated. You can make it payable to FAIR and send it to our P.O. box listed above or make it payable directly to our veterinarian – The Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital; 1923 S. Mannheim Rd. Westchester, IL 60154"
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