July 24th, 2002


Losing my mind

Do you ever get that sensation where you're pretty sure you're going insane, but the little men in the walls have set up detour signs so the guys with the straight jackets never make it to you?

Just wondering.

I think I'm exempt from professional courtesy, but maybe there was a statute of limitation that no one told me about?

Coffee will fix it. *twitch* Coffee makes everything better. *fzzt*
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What I meant to post

Erm, when I logged in, I meant to post my writing stats. But my brain went fwoop instead.


"Running On Two Legs" (formerly titled "In the Voices of Innocents") received 23 critiques on Critters as of this AM. Re-write complete and story away into the marketplace and to Ann Crispin for the Dragon*Con advanced workshop.

Rejection received from the Vivisections anthology on "Reign of the Wintergod." With some extremely complimentary comments. But, still a no. This will be a hard story to place as it's extremely visceral and explicit. Most markets won't touch something this graphic. Damn.

Threw "It's Only Springtime When She's Gone" up into the Critters queue.

1000 words start made on "Of Two Minds in Lanais" (working title), which will be one of my rare high fantasy efforts. It's something of a writing exercise for me more than anything else.

I did a tally. I'm four rejections away from my one hundredth one. Wonder if I should throw a party when I get it. Hurmph.