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Still dwelling on service plans

Y'all have been helpful with your input regarding whether I should buy that service plan for my laptop, but I still haven't decided. I'm leaning toward not getting it. I've had one laptop or another for the better part of a decade now, and while yes, I have had battery issues a couple times, for the most part, my experience with them has been fairly uneventful. Not to mention the times they weren't--like when I spilled tea on my keyboard and the cursor turned into a flapping bird and the system wouldn't boot properly--wouldn't be covered by the service plan anyway.

I think I'll just continue to make compulsive backups (ever since an Apple computer ate half the textbook my adviser and I were writing in graduate school, I've been anal about it) and hope for the best.

Writing Stuff:

So far, the whole gluing butt to chair thing has been spectacularly unsuccessful on the writing front. I did revise a story before submitting it, and sent out three subs: one to F&SF, one to Cricket, and one to an erotica market, which at least amuses me as I'm hitting the full gamut of my writing endeavors. A bit annoyed at the lack of mail service today, but my post office has installed a new electronic kiosk which weighs and sells postage for large envelopes and packages, so at least I could get my subs out.

Started on a Critters critique for a regular.

E. Sedia reviewed Leading Edge #48 for Tangent and wrote glowing things about my story, "Of Two Minds in Lanais":

"Magic! Poetry! Fisticuffs! All this and more make Eugie Foster's "Of Two Minds in Lanais" the best story in the issue . . ."

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