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New notebook and "ten things" meme

So I've got a new laptop on order, an HP Pavilion ze2000 to replace my IBM Thinkpad. We went out yesterday with the intention of buying a Compaq Presario from Circuit City which was having a phat sale. But when we got there, we learned they were totally sold out, with no backorder, and had been for a week. Disappointed, I went to Best Buy to see what they had, and saw a similarly phat deal on an HP machine. Since HP and Compaq merged, it didn't take amazing powers of deduction and observation to realize that, for all intents and purposes, the Presario and the Pavilion are functionally the same. My new Pavilion should arrive next week, and will have integrated wireless LAN! Sweet. I need a laptop to write on, but I've putting off buying a new one while I could still use my Thinkpad. Plus I can deduct my new laptop as a business expense, which makes the splurge a bit less extravagant.

I frightened Hobkin with my big, scary coat. I wanted to give him a cookie because I felt so bad about leaving him for the afternoon to go computer shopping. But when he saw me, he fluffed up his tail and scampered under the hutch. Unfortunately, the new blanket he has (which is the nicest blanket in the house), is bulkier than he's accustomed to, so he couldn't get past it like he could with his old blanket. He lodged between it and the hutch opening with a *thump* and then flailed his little hind legs trying to work his way in. Eventually he managed to get under cover, but not before I got a stitch in my side from laughing so hard. The silly chicken-nose. I still gave him a cookie.

And Ten Things I’ve Done That You Might Not Have:

1. Ran away from home when I was thirteen.
2. Went off to college when I was sixteen.
3. Protested in Washington D.C. in support of reproductive freedom.
4. Spontaneously joined a 4th of July parade with a huge pack of my hippy/goth/punk friends.
5. Scaled the roof of the Natural History Museum of the U of Illinois in stiletto heels.
6. Apprehended and confronted a pickpocket in London as they were trying to steal from me.
7. Jumped out of a flying airplane.
8. Had sex on an airplane (not the same one as #7).
9. Danced naked in front of an audience of strangers.
10. Lounged sans clothing on a nude beach in Jamaica.

Writing Stuff:

- Received a 71-day form no from the Polyphony folks. Sigh.
- Sent the blurbage and my bio for "Year of the Fox" to mroctober.
- Saw that the editor has posted the blurbage for "Caesar's Ghost" (and the other stories in the Revenant anthology) on the Carnifex website. Coolness.

It's been too long since I've managed to get words on the page. I feel really badly about that. I need to glue my butt to the chair and just write something.
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