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Went back into the office yesterday, but my heart wasn't in it. Accomplished some stuff on my "things to do" list and then called it quits for the afternoon. Came home and watched The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy with Matthew. Fun flicks, but not really anything to ooh and ahh about.

I find that I'm in the market for a new laptop. I just need a bare-bones machine that can handle word processing and wireless Internet action--email, surfing, FTPing. Light, so I don't feel like I'm sitting beneath a boulder when I have it on my lap, and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW would be nice. Maybe we'll swing by Best Buy and Circuit City today.

Writing Stuff:

- Rejection from Flesh & Blood.
- Invite to submit something to a women's erotica website from the editor, jinzi.

The god of publishing taketh, but She giveth too. Hey, it's always flattering to get asked to write something for money. Thanks, cmpriest for the recommendation!

Mailed out the Revenant Anthology contract for "Caesar's Ghost" and emailed the editor my bio and a blurb to publish with the story. According to said contract, the anthology is slated for a June 15th publication date. Coolness. It'll be out in time for Dragon*Con. Which reminds me, now that the guest application forms are online, I should see about filling it out and sending it off.

Beginning to send my middle-grade book out to agents. The whole agent submission thing is pretty new to me, but after seeing the numbers for Tobias' survey, I'm thinking I want one.

Briefly broke the Tangent website. Well, maybe not broke, perhaps "dinged." I was trying to add more sub-menu items and I accidentally created main menu additions and couldn't figure out how to unpublish them. Several panicked emails to the webmaster later, and I fixed it and managed to add the sub-menu entries I was trying for. Whew.
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