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Keeping busy

The crud is slowly clearing from the house. Hobkin has renewed his interest in broccoli and cottage cheese, and we are no longer going through Kleenex at a phenomenal rate. But there's still a lingering "I feel crappy" element. Ugh.

Writing Stuff

This cold and other various life events has totally thrown off my stride. Too many days have gone by without writing, so I'm dropping back to "Day 1" in Club 100. Sigh. I'm behind in writing crits too (I'll get one to you yet for "Genescape," britzkrieg!). Going to play catch up today, see if I can't cleave through the rising tide of "things to do" before it crashes down on my head.

In "yay" news, E. Sedia reviewed The 3rd Alternative #40 for Tangent and had this to say about "Running on Two Legs":

"Eugie Foster's 'Running on Two Legs' is a positive tale, and the beauty of the language carries one along with the story . . . the protagonist is deeply sympathetic and believable . . . It is difficult to write a thoughtful story that features a terminal disease without melodrama, and Eugie Foster achieves it with style."


And I got a note from the artist, Kirk Alberts, who's going to be doing the cover art for my Scrybe Press chapbook, "Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart." He's actually soliciting feedback! I get to have a say in how the artwork turns out. Wow.

I haven't been totally lump-like, even though it feels like I've been galloping along at top speed, just to stay in the same place.

- I completed the blurbage for C. Dennis Moore's Icons to Ashes.
- Signed and sent back the contract for "Year of the Fox."
- On the Tangent front, I emailed a slew of editors to notify them of the address change for review copies. Several of them are going to start sending me electronic review copies, which makes me happy. It's so much faster and cheaper to email PDFs or RTF story files to my reviewers. Plus, the overseas thing stops being an issue then. Tangent has reviewers in Canada, France, the UK, and now Australia, as well as the ones scattered across the U.S., so postage costs could quickly become scary. Also took on our first advertiser. Shiny front page banner goodness which, more importantly, is bringing in revenue.
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