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I live. Still dealing with the crud filling my sinuses and lungs, but I'm better. *hack cough sneeze* Although "better" is relative.

Watched Under the Tuscan Sun yesterday a la Netflix. Both Matthew and I liked it. It was sweet without being saccharine and had a dreamy, magical feel.

Writing Stuff

I voted in the Nebula Preliminary Ballot. Whee. My first voting action as an active SFWAn.

Have been very sedentary due to the creeping phlegm infiltrating my soul. But between naps I did manage to do a lot of work on Tangent, restoring archival reviews from 2004 for F&SF, RoF, Analog, Asimov's, Paradox, and ASIM. Still have a ways to go but we're getting there. Unfortunately, our old hosting server deleted our database which means we've lost a slew of data: archived reviews, membership information, etc. I think we can get 2004 reviews restored, but after that our archives are going to be pretty patchy. I contacted the previous webmaster in hopes that he'd have backups. He had a few reviews, but not many. Going to start emailing reviewers next to see if they kept copies. Argh.

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