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Phlegm production continues

How can a single body produce so much phlegm? Ugh. Went into work today because it seemed the thing to do. Tried to avoid my co-workers so as not to be a Typhoid Mary. I figure it's better to be anti-social than a plague-bearer. As it turns out, there was nothing so pressing that it could not have waited for another day, and I spent the morning waffling between calling it quits and sticking it out. I called it quits and spent the afternoon in a coma on the couch.

But, on an up note, I received my new ergo keyboard at work, so I no longer have to type on the painful flat one.

Writing Stuff:

Haven't written any Critters critiques this week. Bad me. I did, however, start on my review of this week's Sci-Fiction story for Tangent.

12-day form reject from Chronicle books. Zounds that was fast. I guess they really didn't like my query.
25-day sort-of-reject from Flashing Swords on the rewrite they requested. A "sort-of" because the editor really liked the protag and his universe and is very interested in seeing other stories using the same protag and universe, and if he publishes them, he'd buy this one that he rejected. Except, um, I haven't written any other stories with this particular character/universe. Now I'm pondering whether I ought to revisit this character. Hmm.

Words: 0. Too much mucus in my head to write. Blah.

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