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Happy Candlemas to one and all! Hope everyone had a fun and festive Imbolic.

Matthew regaled me with stories of his adventures in Utah. He got in to see Neil Gaimen's Mirror Mask at SunDance, and then went up to talk to him and get his contact information. He got to rub elbows with celebrities; I got iced in with a skunk by a freak winter storm. Humph.

Writing Stuff:

Received an 11-day "nice writing here but . . . " from JJA of F&SF. Sigh. Once upon a time I got alases from GVG.

Also received my corrected honorable mention certificate for "Gifts Not Asked For" from the WoTF folks.

Re-writing commences apace on the huli jing tale. Two passes. Good progress. Ready to send it out to mroctober in a couple days, I believe. And it made britzkrieg and aimeempayne cry, woohoo! Actually, I'm gratified to hear that it elicited that response from several critters. Always love it when I wrench an emotional response from my readers.

Been doing a lot of Tangent stuff. I assume it'll be less time intensive down the road, but right now it's taking up most of my free waking hours.

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