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Not lonely anymore

Matthew's home! Matthew's home! Yippee!

Good thing too. I don't think I could deal with another night like Sunday's. Had a difficult time falling asleep, and then Hobkin woke me up at midnight-thirty for his snack. I dozed for twenty minutes while he snarfed it down, then woke up to find him running amok. He pried at the entertainment center doors, popping off the child lock holding them shut (I'm not impressed with that child lock), dug under the computer desk, and knocked everything he could reach--which fortunately was mostly junk mail--off the coffee table so he could investigate and shred choice pieces. He didn't settle until I got up and did a half-dozen "skunk laps" around the living room with him. Then he crawled up beside me and we fell asleep . . . until 5AM, at which point he decided that it was the best time to bound about on me, and then pace in the kitchen impatiently awaiting his breakfast.

It was not the most restful of nights.

But Matthew's home now. Yay!

Writing Stuff:

Did a pair of passes on the huli jing story. I'm logging progress on Club 100, but I'm not getting in my 500. Well, crap. I've been busy with Tangent stuff, and getting my groove back after the rejection from Wednesday. So, yeah.

Club 100 for Writers


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