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Writing, but none of it fiction

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It is raining ice outside. As in there's a transparent, treacherous, slippery layer of frigid water coating our walkway and driveway that fell from the sky. It's frigging Georgia! Ice has no business accumulating outside. It can clink in tall glasses of mint julep, enclose cucumber sandwiches in picnic coolers, and form spheres of fruit-flavored yumminess, but it should NOT shower from the heavens!

What is the world coming to?

But, as the patter of ice hurtles from above and strikes the ground outside, I sit with a warm skunk cuddled at my side, Saturday morning cartoons blaring on the television, and a nice pot of Iron Buddha Oolong brewing. It could be worse. It's a good day to spend camped out on the couch. I might venture out to check the mail, but then again, maybe I won't.

I hope Matthew is staying warm in Utah.

Writing Stuff:

X - Welcome editorial written and published for Tangent.
X - Review written of Scifiction story, "Nocturne" by J.R. Dunn, for Tangent
X - Review written of Scifiction story, "Follow Me Light" by Elizabeth Bear, for Tangent. (I loved, it btw, matociquala).
X - Review written of Scifiction story, The Five Cigars Of Abu Ali" by Eric Schaller, for Tangent

Still to do:
- Write review for Scifiction story, "A Man of Light" by Jeffrey Ford, for Tangent
- Write Critters critiques (for your story, aimeempayne, and yours nmsunbear).
- Start pondering rewrite of my huli jing story.
I'm feeling:
productive productive
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On January 29th, 2005 07:40 pm (UTC), aimeempayne commented:
Thanks in advance for the crit. : ) you are certainly hard at work today, even if none of it's fiction so far.

It was raining ice outside.

Ironically enough, it is no longer sleeting in Cincinnati and there is no ice. A little left over snow, maybe. It's actually a little warmer. There is something very wrong, meteorologically speaking, when Atlanta is colder than Cincinnati. (Maybe I should start whipping up some mint julep.)
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On January 29th, 2005 10:45 pm (UTC), melindadansky commented:
It is also raining ice here in North Carolina. We were dawdling about in the used CD store, and I said "Honey, there's sleet on the streets."

But we are warm and snuggly now, with new video games and books to keep us company.

Stay warm.
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On January 30th, 2005 12:30 am (UTC), thisisyour_life commented:
The ice closed down the Atlanta airport yesterday and I had to help some clients get rerouted on their flights.
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