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Insomnia + Caffeine Withdrawal = Bad

Can't sleep without Matthew in the house. Cleverly, I did not plan for this when I decided to wean myself off caffeine. Thought to myself the whole morning "Self, I have this terrible headache. I wonder why the Aleve I took isn't making the pain go away?" Which, of course, illustrates how poorly my brain was functioning. Got some green tea in me after lunch, realized as the first tendrils of caffeinated goodness entered my bloodstream that I needed more and fixed myself an extra-strong cup of coffee. The afternoon was better. Still, thank Jeebus it's the weekend.

I putzed about customizing my LJ layout when I was tired of lying with my eyes open in the darkness last night/this morning. This whole paid account thing is very seductive with its "lookie, you can make me all shiny and personalized!" and "lookit all the little pictures!" But I'm having issues with my new layout and my iframe setup from my homepage link. Maybe I'll code my own layout to stick into JavaScript. That should get me through the weekend. Of course, I could be doing something productive with my time instead--like writing. Or sleeping.

Hobkin was at first perplexed as to why we were "sleeping" upright in the computer chair, instead of prone under the covers, but he adapted. When I finally felt tired enough to go lie down, he didn't even flick his tail when I relocated us.

Writing Stuff:

Addressed the questions/approved the edits of "The King of Rabbits and Moon Lake" and mailed said material to my editor at Cricket. Still no check for "Razi and the Sunbird." Hmm. Wonder if I should have mentioned that in my letter?

Got a note back from Nathan, my Scrybe Press editor. He said he'd do his best to get Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart out in time for Fantasm, and maybe even with a full color, glossy cover. Oooo.

Words: 100. Stupid novel.

Club 100 for Writers


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