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TromaDance packing

Packing Matthew up for Utah. He's going off to emcee the TromaDance film festival. (TromaDance, sponsored by Troma Films, is one of the You-name-it-dance glut of independent film screenings at Salt Lake City and Park City that Robert Redford spawned with SunDance.) He's also going to do a commentary track for the DVD of Roadside Attraction, one of the shorts featured in Dragon*Con's 2004 Film Festival. Matthew gets to party with all the film happenings that are going on this week and rub elbows with film luminaries, and I can't go because I have to work. Plus Hobkin would probably blow a fuzzy gasket if we sent him off to skunk camp again so soon after Christmas. Still, fooie.

So it's going to be just Hobkin and me this weekend. I hope to get a goodly chunk of writing done. Realistically, I suspect there will be some vegging before the mass-entertainment altar of viewing, and unproductive fiddling and surfing on Mr. Computer. Maybe some napping too. I've also adjusted our Netflix list so as to get all the chick flicks this weekend that Matthew keeps pushing down the queue.

Writing Stuff:

Made my first sale of the year! I sold my short story "Caesar's Ghost" to the Revenant anthology published by Carnifex Press. Very pleased about that. The editor emailed me to let me know it had been short-listed months ago, and I've been trying (unsuccessfully) not to obsess over it ever since. Exceedingly happy this story found such a good home. It's my tribute and eulogy to all of the ferrets who've graced our lives. Yes, it's a story about a ferret ghost.

Words: 500. The novel continues to kick my ass. Thinking about switching gears again and working on a short piece. I seem to have a brain barrier erected against completing longer works. Dammit.

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