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Still hurting, but went in to work anyway. I am the master of my wingstubs, dammit! Yeah, right. At least it's the weekend.

Writing Stuff:

Got my contrib. copies of the Feb. issue from Cricket for "Razi and the Sunbird." Hurray! No check, but I expect that'll show up in the next day or so, mailed separately. The packaging envelope had a return address not in Illinois (where Cricket is based), which leads me to believe they send them straight from the printers. Shiny and colorful!

Received a rewrite request from Flashing Swords. The first part of the rewrite was fairly easy to do. The editor wanted me to tighten one of the middle scenes, but I struggled with his second suggestion. He asked me to clarify my magic system, but the thing is, I thought the story was a little exposition-heavy already. So every time I stuck in a sentence or two of explanatory material, when I re-read it, it felt like my pacing had ground to a racing snail's, floundering in the depths of swampy exposition. (Hmm, I suspect I over-milked that analogy.) In any case, I persevered. Will do one more pass before sending the new and improved version winging back to him. I've run out of fingers to cross and am now hobbling around on cross-toed feet.

Stuck a fork in the SF story and mailed it off. Fly, little story, fly!

Also composed my introductory email to all of the Tangent reviewers I inherited and sent "thank you" notes to most of the Critters who gave me feedback. *whew* I'd feel productive if I didn't hurt so much.

Saw on the Science channel an amazing new medical technique for paraplegics (still way in the experimental stage), where they've wired a person's brain--currently with fiber optics, but they hope to upgrade to wireless--and he can manipulate a computer purely by the power of his brain. Now wouldn't that be a productivity aide?

Words: Hacked out 300 from the rewrite requested story. Did a couple final passes on the SF story before sending it out.

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