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Matthew lobotomized Mr. Computer last night. There was swearing, terror, drama, and many reboots. I hid behind my laptop, comforting it and trying to shield its little CPU from trauma by covering its speaker ports. This morning, when I woke up, everything seemed peaceful. The router is sulking and refuses to listen to impassioned pleading, some programs need reloading, and my email settings have to be restored, but all in all the surgery appears to have been a success. Huzzah.

In other technology related mishaps, I succeed in frying my ergo keyboard at work. Oopsie. Tea and electricity are not friends. So, defying the eleventh commandment ("Eugie shalt not tinker with hardware") I took the thing apart. I figure, it's already broken, right? I popped out all the keys (is there some sort of law that states if little pieces of plastic can fall in unreachable places, they will? I ended up on my hands and knees beneath my desk about a dozen time), and was astonished at how blicky things were. Crumbs, dust, unspeakable filth. I did a half-hearted job of cleaning that, and then tried to pry the plastic thingy under that off. But it defied my efforts. I'm not sure if it's glued in or just simply very well set. The thing is, I'm sure the part I need to get at is underneath it. There's a thin, plastic protective sheet-thing underneath it--which I suspect is there to keep moisture out, hah!--beneath which is the circuitry stuff. I need to be able to get at the circuitry in order to clean it . . . err, maybe with isopropyl alcohol? Or would that fry it more? Hmm. This is probably why there is an eleventh commandment.

My well intentioned efforts have left a pile of keys and a rather grungy looking base on my desk. Left it there for the cleaning lady to puzzle over. Think it might be time to requisition a new ergo keyboard . . . probably what I ought to have done immediately instead of trying to fix the thing. Or, err, called tech support.

And my wingstubs hurt more from having to type on a flat keyboard. Ugh.

Writing Stuff:

Novel novel novel. Decided that I shall need to scrap the opening chapter as I've come up with a better way to introduce the characters and the interpersonal conflict immediately. Novel!

Words: 500 words

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