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Backing Up and EiC of Tangent

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After the unscheduled downage of LJ, I decided the prudent thing would be to back up my entries, considering I've been writing in this blog for years now (I can't believe it's been that long!) So I downloaded LJArchive, which is a nifty shareware application. It even saves everyone's comments and stuff. And it comes with some amusing plug-ins. Very nice.

On the backing up front, Mr. Computer has gotten pokey in the last few weeks, and we think some Adware got through his firewall and virus checker. Ergo, Matthew is going to reload Mr. Computer, an undertaking I personally find terrifying. I spent several hours going through my data, deleting redundant ones and backing up the rest to CD-ROM. Actually, I've got my writing files backed up to no less than five places, so I think I'm set for anything shy of a huge magnetic storm. Matthew's taking his turn to clean up his stuff, and then he's going to give Mr. Computer a lobotomy.

I can't look.

Writing Stuff:

For those not aware, Tangent, the 'zine I write reviews for, is losing its current Editor-in-Chief. Chris Markwyn is stepping down and has been looking for a replacement. Since my duties for the Daily Dragon are largely seasonal in nature, I thought this might be a good opportunity to stretch my editor muscles. So, after some waffling and much dithering, I volunteered to take over. I do believe I've gone mad.

Chris and I are still emailing to discuss the particulars. If it sounds like more than I can handle or has other heretofore issues that I don't want to contend with, I may still bow out. Or if someone more qualified and more experienced than I offers to helm her instead, I will undoubtedly bow out (or get booted out) of consideration. So it's not finalized yet. But if all goes as it looks likely it will, I'll be Tangent's new Editor-in-Chief.


Words: -400 words on the huli jing story in two passes. Chop chop.

Matthew had few comments to make on it. As I suspected, it's just not his sort of thing. My hubby isn't a big fairy tale guy. It's unfortunate as that seems to be where my passion lies. Or at least what I seem to be capable of selling. Going to poke it a few more times and then send it up to Critters . . . although it probably won't go live for another couple weeks as I've still got the SF story in the queue this week. Erm. Well, as long as it goes up in time for me to do a rewrite before mroctorber's deadline . . .

I'm also engrossed in Story by Robert McKee (thanks again teflaime). It's intended for screenwriters, but everything McKee says is equally applicable to prose writers. So far, it's covered basics like setting, hook, and the nature of the protagonist which haven't really been all that edifying, but it's beginning to go into story structure and pacing. I'm actually taking notes. I feel like a student. Whee. Almost makes me want to undertake an MFA. Almost.

Club 100 for Writers

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On January 17th, 2005 10:35 pm (UTC), quiller77 commented:
engrossed in Story by Robert McKee
It is a fascinating book. I read it maybe three years ago, and have often thought that a re-read would be very profitable.

Good luck with the lobotomy.
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On January 17th, 2005 11:26 pm (UTC), everyonesakitty commented:
thanks for the archive tip!
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On January 17th, 2005 11:28 pm (UTC), everyonesakitty commented:
holy cow, I just noticed the Robert McKee paragraph at the end of your entry... I LOVE that book. Glad you're liking it! :D
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On January 18th, 2005 01:23 am (UTC), ex_angeldove677 commented:
It's good you manage to back up your archive, I tried doing that with my mac and it wasn't that good.
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On January 18th, 2005 02:13 pm (UTC), ogre_san commented:
Checking and backing up files is always a good idea. So is a system reload every so often. But ad and spyware usually accumulates a long while before you'll ever notice the slowdown. If you really want to keep those things under control try running AdAware or Spy Sweeper (preferably both) on a daily basis. They do a good job of identifying and removing adware.

I'm conflicted. I think Tangent is a good thing and Id like it to continue yet I'm not sure I'd wish the job on anyone, knowing some of what Dave went through. Good luck, however it turns out.
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