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LiveJournal Fubar and A Writing First

Wow. LiveJournal totally fubared itself, didn't it? Hoping it's all better now.

Writing Stuff:

I did something I've never done before. I'm not sure if I should call it a new milestone, or sheer stupidity and/or arrogance.

I declined a sale.

I submitted a story to a market last year, and since that time, this market's pay scale dropped significantly (about a quarter of what I expected initially which was already what I consider the minimum of what I will submit fiction to) and the editor, in her email to me accepting the story, apologized for it citing low sales and went on to say how she might not print the next issue in any case because of a dearth of good submissions. After some waffling--it goes utterly against instinct to refuse money for a story--I decided that I believed this story was worth more than what she was offering me. Plus, I'm not really keen on the idea of jumping aboard a sinking ship--low sales, uncertain future of the publication and all.

So, yeah. I can walk away from a sale.

Words: -500 on various rewriting between the huli jing and the SF story in the Critters queue. Chop chop chop. One of my regulars did indeed nail me with all the typos I left in it, and then found several that I missed. I'm well and duly mortified. But aside from my sloppiness, I'm getting a good reaction so far.

Time to get Matthew to first reader my fox story.

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