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St. Knut's Day

My shiny 2005 skunk calendar informs me that today is "St. Knut's Day." A quick Google search informed me that "King Knut . . . declared that Christmas should be celebrated for twenty days, officially ending the season on January 13th . . . After this day, trees are taken down to mark the official close of the season."

I think that means we're supposed to take down our Christmas decorations now. That seems unlikely.

Writing Stuff:

My SF story is up at Critters. I meant to give it another once over before it went live, but I've been so wrapped up in working on my huli jing story that I forgot. Went in and looked at it, and immediately found a few typos. Dagnabit!

120-days to a rewrite request from the Razor-edged Arcanum anthology. Not as good as an acceptance, but better than a kick in the teeth. The editor was extremely complementary and encouraging. His main concern was that my story was "too tangled" for average readers to grok. This was a more experimental work for me, stylistically and structurally, so I sympathize with his comments. But that meant I had to go in and do some carving. Actually, less carving and more shoring up. Ended up adding around another three-hundred words after several passes, and un-experimentalizing some of the structure. Sent it back to the editor. *crosses fingers*

Words: 300 on the rewrite. 600 on the huli jing story and it's done! Well, it's at zero draft. Going to do another pass (or three) on it, and then have Matthew first-reader it.

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