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Dragon*Con Directors Meeting

The first 2005 Dragon*Con directors meeting was yesterday. Sounds like there will be many logistical changes to streamline the organization process, which is all good. It also sounds like we will need to clone dire_epiphany. I'm thinking three clones might be enough--nah, better make it four to be safe. Wonder if that expense counts as a "reimbursement" or a "requisition"? Hmm.

One outcome of these changes is that I shall need a burly, load-bearing staffer or two (glances hopefully at arkamrefugee, terracinque, and lord_darkseid) to help me lug the office supplies from the registration area to the DD office, pre-convention (btw, I got some banter from Registration at the meeting, pagmatic. I think you're definitively going to need to do another Registration cartoon.) At least the hotel will provide us with a wheeled conveyance, so that shouldn't be too onerous. Also going to split the graveyard shifts between my staff and the Signage staff, which will make things less red-eyed for all concerned.

Reminder to self: Email a note out to solicit early staff commitments and determine whether I have any gaps that need filling.

Got a chance to chat with the director of the YA Literature Track, and I'll be doing panels again for her. I'll actually be able to bring an issue of Cricket with a story of mine in it this year to show off! I assume I'll also be doing Writers Track panels again too. Will send in my guest application nice and early this year. Really.

The convention fed us. Free meal, rah! I snagged bell peppers for Hobkin from the buffet to try to mollify the little beastie, but he was pretty unhappy at being abandoned for so long. There were suggestions that we bring him to the convention, but that immediately evoked chaotic images of fiery destruction and doom. So, no.

Also had a chance to touch base and gab with both fingerman and ghostgrrl whereupon I was reminded that Fantasm is only two months away. Gleep. Having a hard time wrapping my mind around the progression of time.

Writing Stuff:

Words: 500. Minimal progress, but still progress. Connected up some of the free-floating scenes in the huli jing story and did some clean-up. Changed my mind a couple times about minor details. Oddly enough, this far into it, I still don't have a good feel for how long this is going to end up being. I'm either close to wrapping it up, or I've still got a couple thousand words left. My control on this one's looser than usual. Oh well, everything can be fixed in editing . . . *lather, rinse, repeat*

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