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Bubble Bath Day/National Apricot Day

Hobkin woke me up at 6:30 this morning, demanding his breakfast. After he snarfed his veggies, he went under his hutch to nap. But now I can't go back to sleep, and my brain is stuck on Slow.

Um, yesterday was Bubble Bath Day, and to celebrate it, we soaked until we were pruney in the hot tub. Ahhh. Today is National Apricot Day, but despite going to the store yesterday, we didn't pick up any apricots. I wonder if dried cherries will do . . .

And, because my brain is too mushy to be pithy and insightful:

(Copy and paste the first sentence or two of the first post of every month of 2004)
Jan: Happy New Year!
Feb: Dammit, Patrick can't make it. Issues involving cars, money, and an incorrect SS# on his tax return have conspired to keep him in New Orleans.
March: Did another 1100 words on the Japanese Horror story, bringing it to zero draft.
April: Migraine, queasy, staying home from work.
May: Went to britzkrieg and rigel_kent's wedding last night.
June: We celebrated Hobkin's 2nd anniversary over the weekend. It's been two years now since the wee fuzzbump came to live with us.
July: My god, I'm glad this week is finally at an end.
Aug: I'm awake at a ridiculously early hour, and I don't know why. Stupid whacked-out circadian rhythms.
Sept: Dragon*Con happened.
Oct: Definitely feeling better today.
Nov: We voted.
Dec: I woke to much cuteness this morning when my alarm went off. Hobkin was curled up under my chin, snoozing peacefully.
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