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Everyone is sick. I'm holding steady, and Matthew and Hobkin are starting on the upswing towards recovery. There is much sniffling and coughing in our house. Need. More. Soup.

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Saw another review of The 3rd Alternative #40, this one from

"'The Cajun Knot' by Melanie Fazi is . . . one of the two really excellent stories in this magazine . . .The other excellent story in the issue is 'Running on Two Legs' by Eugie Foster . . . a delightful positive tale"
--Sam Tomaino


Realized that this Critters batch doesn't close out this week, but next. Coolness. That gives me a chance to do another pass on the SF story I tossed up the queue, plus gives me an extra week to do the critiques I've got on my "to do" list.

Picked up the strands of a kitsune story I started last year. If it goes where I want it to, I think it'll be a good story to submit to mroctober's So Fey anthology. Of course I really should know better by now than to count my stories before I type "the end," but at least the muse gears are grinding.

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