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I'm feeling better, although still not 100%. But Hobkin is now officially sick. He keeps making these snuffly, snoggy noises with his nose, and he was pretty uncertain about his breakfast this morning. I think he couldn't smell it and didn't realize it was food. Once I got him started (I bribed him with a cookie), he fell to with enthusiasm, but until then, he kept giving me these dubious "I know what breakfast smells like, woman, and this ain't it!" looks.


What do small animals do when they have stuffy noses? They can't take Sudafed or cough drops, and they can't even blow their noses. Poor Hobkin!

Writing Stuff:

Received notice that a submission I sent them made it past the first round at Andromeda's Spaceway's Inflight Magazine. Also that a story I sent to the Razor-edged Arcanum anthology has been short-listed. Crossing fingers that both turn into juicy sales.

Finished the Critters critiques I started yesterday and completed another one on top of that. Still would like to get a couple more written before this batch clears.

Did a once over on the stories that were rejected yesterday and have boomeranged them both back out into the cold, cruel world.

Also managed several passes on the new SF story. End result: a cut of over 800 words. Tossed it up on Critters. Not sure if it'll make it to this week's batch or not.

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