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Skunk Camp

Dropped Hobkin off at skunk camp last night. Normally when we leave him at Debbie's, he goes tearing around her house and barely notices when we go. This time, he kept fairly close to where we were chatting in her kitchen, and when I picked him up, he clung to me when usually he wiggles to be put down so he can go rampaging about again. And then, even more astonishing, he tried to follow me out the door when we left. He's never done that before. It was heart wrenching leaving him behind.

I'm sure he'll have a great time with Debbie and all her skunks at Christmas skunk camp, but I miss him terribly.

Writing Stuff:

Up to twenty-eight Critters critiques. Catching up on my "thank you" notes. Thinking of sending the thing to Realms first. I've got such a backlog with the Cricket folks, it might be half a year or more before I can get this one out, and so many Critters recommended I target an older audience with it. Plus, if wonders of wonders, I should manage to sell it to RoF, Cicada accepts reprints. I'll wait until after Christmas to decide for sure. In any case, it still needs some polishing before I'm willing to stamp "final draft" on it.

Also wrote a review for Tangent of this week's Sci-Fiction story and sent it off to my editor. Although I saw the Tangent website appears to be having some major technical difficulties. Hmm.

Word count: 630 words on "Rue and Ruin."

Club 100 for Writers


With only nine days left to this year--busy, holiday days at that--I think it terribly unlikely that I'm going to make another sale before year's end. It'd be nice to be wrong, but in case it's not, this year's progress report:

For 2004
Rejections: 126 (down from 129 in 2003)
Sales: 22 (up from 14 in 2003)
Words Written: 107K (up from 106K in 2003)
Works Completed: 17 (down from 23 in 2003, but I completed a novella-length work).
Works Published: 14 (up from 4 in 2003)
Reviews for Tangent Written: 35

I sold significantly more stories than I wrote this year, a first for me. A good writing year, all in all. Here's hoping 2005 is even better.
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