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Prepping for the holidays

Packing Hobkin up today for skunk camp. As is our tradition, the little guy is spending Christmas with his godmother, Debbie, and her ten skunks as we can't take him with us to Illinois. I always get anxious and forlorn when we send him away. We totally trust Debbie with Hobkin, and he loves it there, but I'll miss the little guy terribly. I'm not sure if I can sleep anymore without him cuddled in my arms.

Writing Stuff:

My Cyberpunk article is now up at the Internet Review of Science Fiction. Hurray! And the acting editor-in-chief assures me my check is in the mail.

The Critters critiques continue to roll in. I think I'm up to twenty-two. Matthew really liked the SF story I had him first-reader. He said it "has the potential to be one of your best." Huh. Sometimes I just can't figure my hubby. He also made some excellent suggestions, which I'll implement before sending the thing up to Critters.

I'm not going to try for word count over the holidays, although I will continue to be on the lookout for my muse, should she decide to make an appearance.

- Updated my website to include an "Appearances" page to list the conventions I'll be attending next year.
- Word count: Completed one of the flash stories I started for jack_yoniga's and dys7topia's contests. Going to sit on it for a day or so to let it stew, then send it out. Still working on the other one. Did an editing pass on the SF story. Also picked up a discarded fantasy story ("Rue and Ruin") and wrenched forth a couple hundred words. Close 'nuff to 500.

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