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Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping 2004 is officially complete! Oh, wait, almost officially complete. One more item to buy, but I know exactly what that prezzie is, and it's just a matter of going to the store and getting it.

Braved the totally insane crowds yesterday. My God! Every single shopping center in the Metro Atlanta area was a teeming, foaming-at-the-mouth mob of holiday shoppers. Madness and insanity galore. But reasonably jolly insanity, as far as these things go. Didn't see any egregious acts of outrage or temper. We did, however, end up standing in many, many lines.

Prezzie wrapping is 90% done, too.

Watched The Long Kiss Goodnight, a very under-appreciated Christmas action flick starring Geena Davis, while polishing off a bag of moose munch. Then had an extended soak in the hot tub. These nippy temperatures are perfect hot tubbing weather.

Ho ho ho. And the holiday season progresseth.

Writing Stuff:

Up to twelve critiques on the current Critters offering. I've been with this workshop for so long that the majority of the crits I receive are from folks I know--either I've read and critiqued their stuff, or they've critiqued me before, or both. There are a few critters who I keep wondering if it would be better for everyone concerned if I just write them a polite note telling them not to bother critiquing me anymore. It's not that I don't like them or are offended by their comments; it's that they, well, suck as critiquers. For me at least. Maybe they're a font of wisdom for other writers, but the comments they give me (I use too many big words, they don't understand my similes, my sentences are longer than six words, etc.) are utterly worthless.

There's especially this one guy who's copiously published in semi-pro markets (the pays $1 or $5/story, no-circulation-and-no-one's-heard-of-them variety), but in the years that he's been with Critters (longer than me, even), his writing hasn't improved an iota. And from the comments I get from him, it's obvious why. He's just not a good judge of writing--either of his own work or anyone else's. I barely even bother reading his critiques when I get them. Would it be more honest of me to tell him he's wasting his time, or to just sigh and keep getting his useless critiques? I've stopped reading his stories in the queue, because I think it unlikely that he will progress beyond the level he's been hovering at for the last several years. It's a waste of my time. It's not that he's a bad writer; it's that I don't think he'll ever become a good one and any feedback I give appears to be utterly futile.

I dunno.

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