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Full of cheesecake and spinach dip

britzkrieg and rigel_kent brought a veritable feast with them when they came over last night. Cheesecake and soda and veggies and spinach dip and beer and deviled eggs and bubbly mineral water. Oof. Still stuffed full of chocolate mousse cheesecake and spinach dip. Mmm, spinach dip. As far as the movie went, it's amazing how much they added to the extended version! Then again, considering the thing's over four hours long, perhaps that's not so amazing. Shiny Lord of the Ring goodness. Oooo.

And they got me Tanith Lee's 34 (written as Esther Garber) for Christmas! *wiggles with glee* Trying to force myself to hold off on reading it so I can bring it with me when we go to visit the in-laws, but I don't think I'll be able to exercise that much self-restraint.

Hobkin was mostly good. He ran amok for a bit and stole a carrot and sugar snap pea from the vegetable tray (and then didn't deign to eat them), but mostly he flopped beside me. He was pretty tuckered out from all the excitement though. After our guests left, he slept very hard. Got himself a case of major sleep fur:

And was quite indignant when I started snapping pictures of him all disheveled and all.

It was an excellent night. Much fun had by all! Thanks for the wonderful time, britzkrieg and rigel_kent!

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