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Christmas shopping, but mostly Writing.

Ugh, feeling very behind on Christmas shopping efforts. I suspect this weekend will be jam packed full of shopping adventure. I imagine Hobkin will be verily displeased.

Writing Stuff:

Did a critique for a critter on hiatus (our mutual friend, britzkrieg) which actually made my day. I'm glad to know he's still writing, and the story was excellent.

Got a note back from Carina. She can't get me the full critique as she's going out of town for the weekend, but she said she really liked my story! Okay, I'm sending it off to market now.

Received word from Andrew that my princess fantasy has been bumped up the queue and will go up next week. Good timing that.

Word count: 600 on the SF WIP. Entering the climax. And suddenly I'm in the homestretch. A couple more days and I might actually finish this one.

Club 100 for Writers
25/100 - one quarter of my goal. And now even when I don't feel like writing, I'm loathe not to make an effort at it because I don't want to start all over again at "1." Plus I find that if I force myself to at least try, I can get 100 words no problem, and 500 with just a bit of muse-coaxing. Neato.


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