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Xmas pictures

I'm feeling in a less-than-communicative mood today, so instead of writing, here's some pictures of our festive, Christmas décor, plus a couple of Hobkin, because he's just that cute.

Our mantle.

Hobkin, paw over nose. Adorable adorable!

This is actually my "birthday tree." My b-day's December 30th, so there's a bit of overlap in celebration. In order to keep them separate, I have a tree for my birthday prezzies. My hubby's idea. Isn't he a sweetie?

Festive suit of armor in the stairwell.

Snow men and Alexander Cabanel, an obvious match.

Hobkin displaying that skunks (especially in winter) are nearly perfectly spherical.

Writing Stuff:

After all the productivity and progress yesterday, I found myself utterly without motivation on the writing front today. Finished up the rewrite of the slipstream piece and was poised on the brink of mailing it out, but saw on the Rumor Mill that Carina Gonzalez (the assistant editor of Realms of Fantasy) did a Critters critique of it, but is having issues with the system and thereby hasn't sent it to me yet. So I'm holding off on stamping the story "final draft - done" until I get her commentary. Very flattered to be getting a full-blown critique from her.

Word count: 800 on the SF WIP. I’d rather have had a root canal. Or dropped a hammer on my foot. Undoubtedly, the words I produced were crap. Better to have crappy words on the page than no words? I suppose. I need a sale. [/whine]

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