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Hobkin is a good boy

Hobkin is such a good boy! The flu-like symptoms I was having, well, seems they were a pretty low-grade flu . . . which I've subsequently conferred upon the poor fuzzwit. After dinner, he was cuddled up with me on the couch, and suddenly he jumped up and went scampering away. Now that isn't an uncommon occurrence, so I didn't think anything of it until the unmistakable sounds of a skunk being sick to his stomach started coming from the kitchen. I sprang up to check on him, and found him sicking up with his head in his litter pan. Poor lil guy.

Hobkin's very good about running to his area to be sick (which has a nice, linoleum floor, making it much easier to clean than carpet), but this was the first time he was considerate enough to do so right in his litter box! I praised him effusively and gave him a mint sandwich (Pepto Bismol on bread) to ease his tummy.

Hobkin is such a good boy. And he seems much better today.

Writing Stuff:

Wrote a review for this week's Sci-Fiction story for Tangent, as well as a Scrybe Press synopsis for Nathan, a critique for Critters, and many belated thank you emails. Also did a rewrite pass on the slipstream story. It's garnered eighteen critiques so far. I'll give it another day for the final critiques to trickle in, then send it off to market.

Word count: 500 on the SF WIP.

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