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Blade: Trinity and Writing Stuff

Was treated to seeing a prerelease of Blade: Trinity by dire_epiphany, astralfire, and their son Blake on Thursday. Traffic getting to the theater was appalling. It took us an hour and a half to drive there, and under a half hour to drive back. Also felt rather queasy in the car. I think I was actually motion sick from all the accelerating and decelerating. Weird. I don't usually get car sick.

Trinity (spoiler-free) was great fun. There's a dearth in writing, huge plot issues, yadda yadda ya, but it's shiny, and everyone is so pretty! Rawr. Ryan Reynolds's character was the major high point. I think he got all the best lines. I giggled right out loud. And the Pomeranian! The Pomeranian was fantastic! Urg, I can't say any more without giving out spoilers . . . um, LJ cut to the rescue: After the movie, I wanted to inject Hobkin with mutated vampire virus so that we'd have a vampire skunk with bifurcated jaw! Glah, the cuteness of the Pomeranian when it went all fangy! Squish.

It was much fun, and then we stood gabbing and catching up in the theater lobby for a long while. A delightful evening, yup.

Writing Stuff:

- My honorable mention certificate from the Writers of the Future folks for "Gifts Not Asked For" except the certificate says "Illustrators of the Future" rather than "Writers." Humph. Going to toss a note to the coordinator, but it's no biggie. I've already got a certificate that says "Writers" for "Running on Two Legs." The variety is, at least, interesting.

- The edits from IROSF for my cyberpunk article! That's a pretty good sign that the publication will continue and that my article will be going up . . . eventually. Whew.

- Six crits so far from Critters on the slipstream piece. It's being well received, although I'm getting flack about the minimalist speculative element. Probably should have put a disclaimer in the author's notes at the bottom that I knew it was borderline mainstream.

- A 17-day "We enjoyed reading this but" from Aeon with a "we look forward to to seeing more submissions from you" to salve the burn. Sigh.

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