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Skunks have cold paws

The colder weather has brought about another change in Hobkin: ice-cold paws. And he has a penchant for plunking those chilly paws on me, especially when I'm asleep. As if that wasn't bad enough, last night he stuck one of his freezing paws in my ear as I lay snuggled up under the covers. Wonder if they make mittens for skunks . . .

Writing Stuff:

The situation at IROSF concerns me. Apparently the Editor-in-Chief stepped down, which puts the future of the publication in question, not to mention my cyberpunk article. Guess I should hang tight and put on my "wait and see" cap.

Did an editing pass on the slipstream piece. It's still not listed as up for this week on Critters. *sigh*

Word count: 1000+ on the science fiction piece, and yet I haven't managed to hit flow. Still, I chug along. Chug-a-chug-a.

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