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Feeling decidedly blah today. No reason, just out of sorts, I guess.

So this isn't a total downer of a post, here's a couple closeups of Hobkin. Sleeping, of course:

Writing Stuff:

Received a 136-day pleasant personal rejection from Cricket that nevertheless took the wind out of my sails. The editor was complimentary: "It is well written (from you, how could it not be?) but . . ." It stings worse getting rejected from a place I've sold to in the past. Apparently they bought something similar for Spider recently. Now I have to try to find another market that might be interested in a 1700-word re-telling of the Chinese creation myth. My editor did comment that my middle-grade novel is "still getting additional reads" there. I hope that's a good thing. At least it means it's still under consideration.

Mailed out the next Cricket story in my submissions-in-waiting queue.

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