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Went to see The Incredibles yesterday. While the theater was indeed less crazy than it was on Saturday, it was still pretty spastic. What happened to teaching children the difference between "indoor voice," "outdoor voice," and "shhh!"? There was a row of children behind us who not only didn't understand "shhh!" but they hadn't managed to grasp "indoor voice" either. Loud and persistent distractions notwithstanding, The Incredibles was great! Both of us laughed right out loud. Matthew thought it started a little slow--too much focus on the soul-sucking suburbia elements--but I was pretty enthralled from the get go. I liked it best when the family combined their superpowers, and I also really liked the costume creator-genius, "E." Much giggling, shiny animation FX, and even some clever writing. Go, Pixar! Rah.

Writing Stuff:

Received: 18-day form reject from Alchemy

Words: 100

In my editing, I seem to have added words instead of cut. Hmm. I also completed two editorial passes. Time to hand it over to Matthew to first-reader.

Club 100 for Writers

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