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Skunk pictures!

Went to see The Incredibles yesterday, but the theater was swamped with screaming children, not to mention sold out of the time we wanted. We decided to postpone our movie outing until today. Hope it'll be a little less crazy.

britzkrieg sent me the pix she took at our Halloween shindig, and it included one of my all time favorite snapshots of Hobkin and me:

Continuing the theme of skunk cuteness, yesterday Hobkin was feeling playful and then, of course, sleepy, so I picked up our handy dandy coolpix, and snapped away:

Hobkin versus the Tupperware

Tuckered out, because terrorizing plastic storage containers is hard work.

Writing Stuff:

Got the check for "The Storyteller's Wife" and "Returning My Sister's Face" from Realms of Fantasy yesterday. $$$! Still seems probable that both will be in the Feb' 05 issue.

All seven of my backlogged Tangent reviews have finally been published. My editor was very apologetic for the delay.

Today: editing.
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