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Autumn Hot Tubbing

After that Indian Summer stint over Halloween, I'm glad to have the temperatures back down in the "hot tub" range again. Last night, we soaked until I turned pruney. Ahhh.

Writing Stuff:

Received permission from the artist (Sean Simmons) to display his artwork for "Perfidious Beauty."

Isn't it gorgeous? Can't wait to see how it'll look in print. (And, am I flattering myself, or does "Beauty" have a certain resemblance to yours truly?)

Didn't post yesterday, but if I had, I'd have logged 640 words.

New Words: 4.7K
Woohoo, finally hit flow! These 4.7K were on a brand new story. (I can't seem to finish anything these days.) And they're all incredibly raw. I didn't even bother re-reading and editing as I go, as I often do, just kept hammering words on the page as long as the images and the story kept coming. I shudder to think how rough my prose on it is. This one is turning out very slipstreamy, almost mainstream. I've got it mapped out in my head, the plot and theme, the denouement and conclusion. I just have to finish it. This is going to be another novelette. I hope not a novella, but definitely a novelette at this rate.

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