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Skunk show 2004!

The drive to the show was a fast one. britzkrieg and I arrived at 10:30, the start of registration, far earlier than I had expected. So there was, as seems typical for skunk shows, a lot of waiting around. It was a much smaller venue than last year's--not the same place as I had originally thought. And there was also a much smaller turnout.

First up was conformation and friendliness. Hobkin was in a terrible mood. He actually nipped or lunged at all of the judges this year. I was mortified. They couldn't pick him up at all, which means the judges didn't spend much time with him and couldn't really evaluate him. He totally tanked on "Friendliness," of course, and didn't place at all in conformity.

Next came Prettiest Tail. I thought Hobkin showed wonderfully in this event. His tail was fluffy, and poofy, and long. But I guess the judges didn't agree. Or perhaps they were still nursing the wounds he'd given them earlier. He not only didn't succeed in defending his title from last year, but he didn't place at all. This was the only event that I was truly disappointed with. I really did think he had the prettiest tail again.

And last of all came the color classes. Hobkin won first place in his color class! A salve to his dismal showing in the previous categories. So he has another pretty, blue ribbon to add to his collection.

There was the obligatory costume contest, with much evil adorableness, but again this year, we opted not to attempt to subject Hobkin to that. But I took a lot of pictures!

I'm a bit flummoxed by how poorly the fuzzwit behaved. He was so sweet and huggy when he was in my arms, but as soon as anyone else touched him, he turned into a snarling demon. I'm concerned that the skunk show might be too stressful for his wee brain. Will have to think about whether we want to show him again next year.

There were adorable skunk noses everywhere. Skunks to see and people to talk to. I had expected to see Hobkin's godmother, Debbie, and her skunks but they weren't there. I did get a chance to catch up with puskunk and aljit (and see her short, blue hair!). Aside from my worry about Hobkin, I had fun. britzkrieg was fantastic. I couldn't have done it without her. She drove, did the majority of the packing and unpacking, and took pictures for me while I held a stressed Hobkin. She also bid at the charity silent auction and won a beautiful, green afghan. And last I checked, she's still willing to talk to me! britzkrieg, you are a saint and a total sweetheart!

Most of these were taken by britzkrieg:

Hobkin displaying his luxurious tail.

So many cute, fuzzy noses:


Pretty Ballerina

Black and white skunks are illegal to own as pets in Georgia, so this little guy dressed up as one!

puskunk's Little Devil

Geisha Girl

alijt and her blue hair!

Hobkin all tuckered out. He looks like an angel, doesn't he? How deceptive appearances can be!

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