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Berke Breathed would be amused

I heard a little blurb on NPR via shower radio this morning and it made me grin. I wanted to post a link to the story here, but I can't find any write-up online. Guess it was too small for them to bother with. Or maybe it hasn't been posted yet (since it was just this morning).

Anyway, some Alaskan fishermen caught a Humboldt penguin in their nets and when they reeled it in, they were like: "It's a penguin. Wow." In probably bears mentioning that Humboldts are not indigenous to Alaska, but rather hie from South America around the coasts of Chile and Peru. The NPR guys were talking about how the penguin managed to make it to Alaska, and said that it's probable that it hitched a ride.

I immediately thought of Opus on some sort of pilgrimage. *Giggle*

Thank you NPR and Berkely Breathed.

Writing stats:

2000 words on High Fantasy work (!).
400 words on funky Dark Fantasy hybrid thingy (sigh).

My creative process remains a mystery to me.

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