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Post Voting Day

The election results were nothing short of depressing. While Kerry was clinging to hope that the provisional ballots from Ohio would all miraculously be in his favor, I was too much of a realist to continue clutching at false optimism. And lo and behold, reality sucks.

So, I say with resignation and despair: Americans suck. We voted in the belligerent ninny for four more years. Crappola. Crappola. Crappola.

Going to try to put thoughts of the desperate state of the nation out of my head.

Plan for tonight: Get Matthew ready for his trip to Kentucky. Bathe Hobkin in readiness for the skunk show. I anticipate much havoc and suds.

Writing Stuff:

In better news, I received an email from Jane Jewell, the Executive Director of the SFWA. I have indeed been approved as an Active member, huzzah! The reason I wasn't listed in the Forum was due to a database snafu. Jane assured me I will be in the next one.

Finished up my review for last week's Sci-Fiction story and wrote one for this week's. Mailed both to my Tangent editor. With the election madness being over now, I suspect he will be catching up on the publishing front before too long. At least I hope so.

New words: Pathetic, but over 100. 'Nuff said.

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