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Voting Day!

We voted. Civic duty accomplished. With the news filled with coverage of hours-long lines, we expected something of a wait at our polling place. Nope. No line. No waiting. We were in and out in less than fifteen minutes. Hope everyone else did their time in the booths!

Halloween overview:
Where have all the costumed kiddies gone? We only got a few batches of them on Halloween, and we've got piles and piles of candy leftover. Too much candy. Must find other ways of disposing of it or I will eat it all.

Had a lovely Halloween. We had britzkrieg and her hubby, rigel_kent, over as well as dude_the and Nick-of-no-LJ, of course. There were costumes. There was food. There were alcoholic beverages. britzkrieg brought a really nummy bottle of champagne. Watched Topper and The Last Skeleton of Cadavra, which B & R hadn't seen before. I think B's planning on going out ASAP to get her very own copy now. Hee.

Pictures from the Halloween-fest:

The booze. (Photo taken by dude_the)

Dueling cams.

Watching Last Skeleton (Photo taken by dude_the).

dude_the being devilish.

britzkrieg looking lovely with deviled eggs.


Matthew as unlikely monk.

Me. I'm endangered!

All the excitement tuckered Hobkin out.

Now, both Nick and dude_the have been packed off to the airport and are back at their respective homes in the Midwest. Pook. I miss them already.

Writing Stuff:

Did two Critters critiques (including one for your story, sonnydenbow!). And finished up my review for Tangent of this week's Sci-Fiction story. Haven't mailed it off to my editor yet, as I was feeling rather slushy-brained when I wrote it, and I suspect it's quite raw. I want to take another pass over it before sending it in.

Issue #5 of Here & Now with my story "When the Lights Go Out" is in the works. The editor asked me for an updated bio. Rah.

Also, Realms of Fantasy is going to start including pictures of the authors in their "contributors" section. The Assistant Editor sent me an email asking for one. Rah2!

New Words: 150. Quite a pathetic number, but enough to start on the 100 words a day club. I can't seem to get going on anything I've got half-finished. Maybe I need to ditch everything I'm apparently blocked on and start something short and new that I know I can finish. Maybe another fairy tale.

100 Club for Writers
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