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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I love Halloween--magic, myth, candy, and costumes--it could only be better if it was a work holiday too.

Had a fantastic day yesterday. We took dude_the and Nick to Lenox Square Mall, more for an outing than to do any real shopping. Nick stocked up on his supply of Teavana tea, and with dude_the being our Mac fanatic, we had to stop at the Apple store, of course. We played on their 30" flat-screen monitor. There was much oooing, and not an insubstantial amount of drool.

Matthew made his unparalleled Seitan stew for dinner, and we completed part II of his Halloween game. It was wicked twisted. dude_the's character died at least a dozen times (we stopped counting after a while), and utterly embraced his victimhood. Nick's character tore out hearts with glee and appetite. There was carnage. There was mayhem. And we won out against the forces of evil--or good, or something--and found our way back to our demonic, hell-dimension of a home. Wheee!

Being totally wired after that, we put on the DVD box set of season 1 of Coupling, because Nick hadn't seen it. I believe the boys watched the whole season through. I conked out somewhere in the middle to the sounds of their uproarious laughter.

And now I am wide awake again, and everyone's asleep. But I feel great!

Writing Stuff:

Heard from John Frost, the editor of the Internet Review of Science Fiction. My "Sub-Genre Spotlight: Cyberpunk" article will be going into their December issue. Hurray!

Also, Andy Cox, the editor of The 3rd Alternative has posted the cover art for issue #40. By Vincent Chong, titled "Storyteller":

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to get my contrib. copy! Screw the check, I just want to hold and read the thing! Well, no, I want to get paid too, but I'm much more excited about the magazine than I am about the money!

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