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Fingers locked around my muse's throat . . .

Lady Inspiration is a fickle slut. My muse has decided that no, she would not like to finish the high fantasy piece we have neatly outlined and set to go, but instead, she would like us to work on this slipstream modern mythos fantasy fusion thing that popped into her (our) head as I was driving home from work last night.


Part of it's my own fault. I should never outline, apparently. As soon as I know exactly where and how a story is going to go, I lose interest in it. Or maybe I should just never try to write high fantasy.

On an up note, I'm over 2000 words into the slipstream modern mythos fantasy fusion thing. They just poured out of me, easy as smiling. Not sure where it's going, but I like what I've got so far.

Damned slattern muse. Oh well, at least she's still sitting on my lap and not larking about with some other writer. Take what I can get.

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